...the process

oil pastel on paper in blues greens and whites

The Color of Air pieces are the starting point. I am interested in capturing  captivating combinations of color. In this piece, the vivid blue summer sky is juxtaposed with the bright green foliage of the shoreline. Both are reflected in the water, where I have pushed the blue hues away from descriptive towards more expressive color . Gestural marks mimic the energy of the water, clouds, and air moving through the landscape. 

From these small pieces, I move into the studio and on to larger canvases to create the Light on the Lake paintings.

oil landscape painting big white and grey clouds a golden green horizon set above a summer lake

The Light on the Lake paintings are celebrations of color and light. They are gestural oil paintings that expand upon the color conversations from the smaller pieces  with the intention of expressing the mood created by contemplating a place. 

These paintings are not about how the landscape looks as much as about how the landscape makes me feel. My goal is to create an image that allows the viewer to engage with it in such a way as to invite similar introspection.

diagonal lines yellow ochre green horizon soft white clouds summer blue sky reflected in lake

The Far Horizon series begins to  take the Light on the Lake into the realm of abstraction where the horizon in emphasized with colorful marks and graphite drawing. Perspective lines draw the viewer into the far distance.

Paintings in Through the Trees series push the landscape further into abstraction to create multiple spaces in one painting. The sky, water, and trees move through one another in a more ambiguous and mysterious way suggesting that their relationships to one another exist on many levels at once. These pieces distill the color conversations to express the mood that these colors create when seen in a natural setting, such as a sunset or the light reflected on a cloud during a sunset. 

oil on acid washed tin tree landscape with blues greens and greys
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