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Sit down at the end of the dock and allow the drama of the sunset to soak in. Your inner voice is quieted. The events of the day or concerns about tomorrow drop away.

These paintings are a visual record of this experience. They are not about how the landscape looks as much as about how the landscape can make one feel. 

Myriad conditions of light created by the time of day and the weather illuminate textures in the water, patterns in the clouds, and juxtapositions of color that richly vibrate with one another.  Water exists in the sky as mist and clouds and sheets of rain that fall softly or with driving insistence. Water can be calm and reflective or take on the texture of the wind or light.  One can fill their field of vision with the sky, or watch the reflection of the clouds in the water, or dip their gaze down to the rocks whose shapes waver beneath the surface. There is no one view that captures the entirety of how one experiences a place in time but rather it is more effectively expressed as an amalgam of views. 

To achieve this awareness, elements of the landscape are pulled apart and selectively reconfigured. Where the viewer is gently led away from a directly observed image to one where a balance is struck between the known and the felt. The surface is organized into separate areas where one can then experience the landscape as a vista across a body of water, as the transparency of light and objects seen beneath the water, and the combinations of light and color that play together among all of these views. The viewer can be drawn deep into the visual space or skate along the surface. 


These shifting points of view allow me to selectively pull elements from the visual experience that most effectively express a heightened awareness of the felt experience of the place. 

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